Cena’s Big Summerslam Match Announced

Yes, John Cena is not working a full-time schedule anymore like he used to do for over a decade, he is still a big draw for the company and a big deal for the WWE Universe. The way that he can build up a certain match is unrivaled. Whatever he does, whenever he shows up on the WWE television, it seems like a big deal. The feeling of importance is what is on the minds of the fans.

Prior to last night’s edition of Smackdown Live, Cena didn’t have a match booked for the Summerslam. Even though the fans had a clue what he was going to do at the biggest show of the summer after the way the last episode ended, nothing was official until Daniel Bryan came out last night and booked the match.

John Cena is going to be facing The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin at Summerslam. The feud started when Cena made the save last week after Corbin attacked Shinsuke Nakamura when he was celebrating his win over the 16-time WWE Champion.

Source: wwe.com

Corbin didn’t want to fight Cena since John had nothing that The Lone Wolf wants, but Bryant quickly came out to his theme music, used his powers as a general manager of the blue brand and made the match official. Now, we will have yet another match booked for the show in Brooklyn.

This is not the match that a lot of fans will care a lot about, but it is Cena in action and that is going to boost the popularity of the show, there is no doubt about that. Cena has had a track record of putting the newer and younger talent over, so we can expect that he might do the same thing with the Mister Money in the Bank at Summerslam.