Center Parcs Accident – A Woman Cracks Her Head on Water Slide


An incident of a woman being thrown from a rubber ring and hitting her head on a water slide took place at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. She was taken to hospital on a spinal board, and the incident was filmed by the woman’s brother on his GoPro and caught the moment of her crashing inside the tunnel.

In the video, we can see Matt asking his sister if she is alright and afterward finding out she is hurt and trying to help her. While her brother tries to explain to staff what happened, Rea lands separately from the rest of the group.

In the meantime, people go on coming down the slide behind them while members of the staff go in the pool to help the girl. Rea is attached to a spinal board by lifeguards in order to be taken to the hospital.


Matt wrote online about the incident and said that he and his family had been in Woburn Center Parcs last week in order to catch up with the rest of his relatives. One of the things they did was going on the slides at the swimming pool. Namely, they had gone on that specific ride a number of times before. He had decided to record on his GoPro Hero 4 because he had just bought it and it would be funny for him to see people’s reactions to the ride.

However, his sister fell off by slipping backward. Fortunately, she was just bruised. Furthermore, he said he was impressed with the staff at the park and their help to them and thanked them. As far as Center Parcs is concerned, their spokesperson stated that they and their medical team had taken all possible measures. Moreover, they contacted family afterward to check on her and make sure it all ended well.