Ryan Switzer Throwing Passes For The Dallas Cowboys?

Source: fanragsports.com

Rookie wide receiver Ryan Switzer looks like he is going to be a great addition to the Cowboys’ wideout core as he is the guy that can catch the ball out of the slot as well as return some balls after punts and kickoffs. He is for sure going to have a role on this roster in his first season as he has impressed a lot of Cowboys’ coaching staff during the offseason.

There were a lot of reports about him running the routes perfectly and really understanding where do the Cowboys need him to go and what they need him to do when he is on the field. Quarterback Dak Prescott liked throwing the ball towards Cole Beasley as he was the one that had the most targets. Beasly is, just like Switzer, a slot receiver, so he might be the one that gets targeted a lot this year.

Source: fanragsports.com

Linnehan and Garrett have used some of their wideouts in a passing game. Dez Bryant threw a TD pass with his left hand a couple of seasons ago, while the Cole Beasly also had a chance to show his throwing skills last year as Dallas used him in a trick play situation like the one throwing the ball. In case you didn’t know, Ryan Switzer threw five passes while he was at North Carolina and he completed three of those for 102 yards and two touchdowns!

It seems that he is more than capable of making that kind of a play and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff decides to use him at least once in the season in that kind of situation. You know that they for sure practiced at least one trick play of that kind with him throwing the ball.