Charlotte Hornets – Season Preview And Predictions

Charlotte Hornets have had a very good 2015/2016 season as they made the Playoffs and pushed the Miami Heat all the way to Game 7. They have made some moves in the offseason, but were they good? Are they going to be able to make the postseason again this year? We are not sure.

Signing Nicolas Batum to that huge 120 million deal over five years just looks ridiculous. Really tough to figure out what they were thinking on that one. The best answer would probably be that they needed to overpay him to keep him in Charlotte. If that was their plan, they did their job very well.

Courtney Lee and Jeremy Lin are not on the squad anymore. They were that heart and soul of this team, the reason that they had such an amazing run in the second half of previous season campaign. Their absence will be felt in Charlotte during this year.

Kemba Walker is still their best player by far. He is going to reach quite amazing numbers this season, but this team is just not looking great at this moment. He will not have adequate support from others. Boston Celtics reserves just killed them a couple of days ago. Destroyed them on the defensive side of the ball. Frank Kaminsky just look lost out there, and they couldn’t get anything done.

We expect them to take a step back this season. And they will not make the Playoffs this time. Kemba is just too good for this team to be at the bottom of the barrel in the Eastern Conference, but their season will be over in March. Something like 34-48 should be their score, and we predict for them to miss the Playoffs. This squad is just not good enough, didn’t make the right moves in the offseason and they have let go of their core players.