Tesla Model X – No more 60D, Starting Price Escalates by $11k


Tesla Model X will no longer have base 60D version and without it, the starting price for Model X leaped by $11,000.

Tesla decided to kill off the Model X 60D, so it will no longer be in the production line. This caused the growth of price and now if you want to buy yourself a nice Model X it will cost you at least $85,000, as Electrek reported.

Just a reminder: Probably the brightest point of the 60D is the acceleration. It takes him only 3.3 seconds from 0 to 60mph. However, the downside of the vehicle are the Falcon Wing doors, which are impractical.

Although you may think that this car has a 60kWh battery pack as the name implies, right? Wrong. The company decided to insert a 75 kWh in the vehicle, but they used the software to limit it to 60 kWh.


They still need to explain and justify why the company decided to completely dismiss the 60D. One of the possibilities is that they needed additional money that they would use in the development of the Model 3, which costs $35,000. Or, another maybe more logical reason is that customers didn’t find the 60D attractive.

To find out what the reason is we will just have to wait for an official announcement of the company. Whatever that may be if you decide to buy a Model X, you will need to add $11,000 to the price.