Why Charlotte Turning Face Is A Mistake

Source: sportskeeda.com

When Charlotte made her main roster debut, she came in with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. While Becky and The Queen were babyfaces when they came to Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks entered as a heel. Charlotte won the title as a face in a feud with Nikki Bella, but then quickly turned heel and had the most success as a villain. Since then, she has been a dominant heel and fully controlled the Women’s division.


Now, it seems that The Queen might be turning face as there are many reports that are saying that WWE wants her to be the face of the Women’s division going forward. Charlotte has a name value with her being the daughter of the two-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair. They want to turn her into the best Women’s superstar of all time. Right now, she is well on her way to achieving that. The in-ring skills that she has certainly helped her.

But, it is a big mistake for her to turn into a good girl all of a sudden. She just doesn’t have the vibe of somebody that is an underdog and of someone that the crowd might want to cheer for. She is tall, she uses her mic skills nicely more often than not. This girl just looks like a true heel. There is really no reason for her to turn as she is one of the superstars that has a legit heel heat. When she is getting booed, it is not because the fans don’t want her on top or something like that.


This is not the same case like Jinder Mahal who is getting booed because the fans don’t want him in the championship picture. She is getting booed because The Queen is doing a good job getting a true heel heat. She bleeds cockiness, and it is going to be hard to imagine fans cheering for her going forward.