Check out Mark Wahlberg working out in his new Instagram video


A 46-year-old American actor Mark Wahlberg continues to impress once again. In one of his recent Instagram videos, he demonstrates his astonishing physical abilities while at the same time advertising his own show Wahlburgers. His message is that it is not only mental strength that is required for running a restaurant, one also needs physical strength to go along with it. That is precisely what he is going to demonstrate in the next episode.

We all remember his role in Good Vibrations to Transformers and his amazing physical appearance. Although he was much younger then, and he is near to turning 50, this man looks better and better as he ages. In this short video on his Instagram profile, you will see him working on his body and chest without a trace of fatigue.

In his show, Mark demonstrates different skills and abilities, moving from battle ropes to the kettlebell. We all have to agree that his work is absolutely staggering and it represents the mixture of both comical and brilliant. You don’t have to go to a gym to get in shape. It’s only MetaShred Extreme program from Men’s Health that you need to achieve the most amazing results, just like Mark Wahlberg.