Arnold Schwarzenegger dreams it and Kreisel makes it happen – an electric Hummer H1!

Most people don’t know this, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the people who influenced the conversion of the AM General’s military-duty Humvee into civilian purpose vehicle back in the 1990s. But a lot has changed since the 90s, mainly the environmental consciousness of the masses as well as Arnold’s, which is the reason why the famous actor wanted to surpass the growing H1 contradiction by wishing it to go green. Thanks to Kreisel that wish actually became a reality.

Those of you who do not know, Keisler is an engineering company that is based in Freistadt, Austria, and their specialization is electric car tech and electricity storage. They have a history of working with several OEMs, but lately, they have focused themselves on showing off consumer products such as electric car conversions and home energy storage systems.

The Kreisel company actually revealed the electric H1 on Tuesday as a part of the promotion of their new R&D center in Rainbach im Mühlkreis, Austria. This was the second reveal of this kind, and the first one by the same company was back in January, and it was the reveal of an electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class. During this introduction, Arnold stated “Finally my dream of turning my Hummer fully electric is a reality,” and added, “We are moving so quickly toward a clean energy future.” One thing should be noted, and it is the fact that the electric Hummer H1 is still a prototype, but some of its technical info is very promising.

Apparently, this giant of a vehicle is packing a 100 kilowatt-hour battery that should offer around 185 miles of range, which is of course not much by today’s standards of electric vehicles, but you have to have in mind that this is a 7.275-pound off-road vehicle. Kreisel equipped the H1 with two electric motors at both front and rear axle giving it the AWD capability and providing as much as 483 HP which will allow it to reach the top speed of 75 MPH.

After the reveal, Arnold, who seems to be a very satisfied and loyal customer of the company, gave them another task that was drawn out of his statement that says “Kreisel electrified my G-Class last winter. And now a Hummer. If Kreisel keeps it up at this pace, I will soon be able to fly here from L.A. in an electric airplane.” An electric airplane, hm, a nice idea isn’t it?!