Chevrolet Spark Is No Longer Produced Because of the Bolt’s Arrival


When you compare Chevrolet Spark EV with the Chevrolet Bolt, of course, you will say that Bolt is a much better vehicle. General Motors feels the same way, and the American automaker officially confirmed that they stopped producing the Spark EV back in the summer 2016 and they did so in a quiet manner, according to Detroit News.

The Chevy Spark EV was in production for three years, and the company gave no reason why they had come to that decision. They only said that it would “build on the great experience of our electrification program,” but the reason is more than obvious. The Chevrolet Bolt is way out of Spark’s league, and the Spark cannot compete with other electric vehicles in the market such as Tesla, not just Bolt.

The Chevrolet Spark is a small vehicle with the maximum range of 82 miles per one charge. Just for comparison, the Bolt can cross 238 miles per charge, and it is way better in terms of practicality as you can commute farther with it and cover a greater distance. Moreover, the Bolt is equipped with improved technology package inside the cabin as well, while the interior space offers more room than the one in the Spark.

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The Chevrolet Bolt will be more expensive than the Spark which comes with a starting price of about $26,000. However, since 2013 GM has only managed to sell 7,400 examples of Spark EV, while the company plans to deliver about 1,800 Bolts by the end of January to its customers.

Without the Spark EV, US car maker will offer a few choices to their clients with the Bolt as the pure EV in the lineup and the Volt as a plug-in hybrid. We will wait to see when Chevy will decide to treat EVs better and offer more body styles. Follow us for more details.