Former NFL Star Calls Out Patriots Wide Receiver Group


There is no doubt about the fact that Atlanta Falcons have a lot of firepower on their offense and that their guys on that side of the ball top what Patriots and Tom Brady have to work with. It’s known that the Patriots are always picking up guys that nobody wants and are able to turn them into major stars.

Rob Gronkowski is the only real star that Tom Brady has at his disposal, but still, he is making it all work with a lot of other players that are not huge names. A lot of people are saying that Brady and that system is what makes those guys play better than they would on any other squad. One of those players is Keyshawn Johnson, a guy that has spent 11 years catching passes in the NFL and has over 10.000 receiving yards in his career. He has made a strong statement on Patriots Wideout core.


“They couldn’t excel with other teams because of the system. If they were on the other teams right now, they probably wouldn’t be on the 53-man roster.”

Guys like Chris Hogan were cut from their past teams. He is now looking like a legit star in New England. Maybe it is because of the system that New England has in place. After all, they do have a Hall-Of-Fame quarterback, perhaps even the greatest even, combined with probably the best coach of all time in Bill Belichick and a guy that has been in Foxborough for years working with Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels. Or maybe it’s just the fact that Patriots franchise knows how to use their talent. Whatever it is, they are playing great football and will have a chance to win the Super Bowl ring on Sunday against Atlanta.