Chevy Camaro Track Photo Surfaced

The success of Ford Mustang on Old Continent proves that Europeans crave “American” muscle cars. Mustang was a hit in Germany which is known for its wide range of sports models, but it was selling like hotcakes there. It is reasonable to expect other automakers to step up and meet the demand. Is Chevrolet going to give it a try?

We are not saying that Chevrolet cars can’t be bought in Europe, however, there are only a dozen of dealers who can supply you with a Corvette for example. And of course, we think of Germany, UK, and other developed European countries. Chevrolet’s presence in other parts of Europe is almost non-existent, aside from ex-Daewoo cars like Kalos or Aveo whose prices are really low. And to be honest, the company is doing virtually nothing to change that. Well, this might indicate the change Europeans have been waiting for.

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the popular American automaker will reveal the Camaro Track concept. As we can see from this photo, Camaro Track is based on Camaro SS but equipped with the 1LE package that is made for the racing. Yes, that means that it will go fast, really fast. That is a proper upgrade for a track warrior.

We have little details about this vehicle, but the company describes it as street legal “track warrior.” However, there are some novelties that we have obtained about this car. It will have 20-inch wheels, sporty side sills, a front lip spoiler, Brembo brakes and lowered suspension. Alongside this new Camaro Track concept, we will see a Corvette Grand Sport, stock Camaro SS and a Corvette Z06 at the Geneva Motor Show possibly indicating that Chevy will increase its presence in Europe.

There are numerous reasons why the company should focus on Europe, but one big reason came up recently. General Motors is in talks with PSA Group (France) over the sale of Opel brand which means that their presence in Europe is diminishing. Maybe it’s time for Chevy to “save the day” and pamper the Old Continent with some “classic American” cars that fans there have been waiting for all these years.

We know that you all are eager to hear more about this and we will supply you with the updates as soon as the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors on Tuesday. Taking that Mustang was such a hit in Germany we think that they should give it a shot in Europe. There are more than enough interested car enthusiasts who would like to own a powerful Chevrolet Camaro.