Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings – Week 17 Picks And Predictions

Even though this game will have no impact on the Playoff picture, this will be an interesting game to watch because of the Minnesota Vikings and their situation with the two cornerbacks that avoided coaches orders and did what they wanted on the defensive side of the ball against the Packers on Sunday.

Xavier Rhodes and Terrence Newman planned not to listen to the coach and did what they wanted on the defensive side of the ball. That means that the decision wasn’t made on the spot but prior to the game or during the week. It’s going to be interesting to see head coach Mike Zimmer’s reaction on Sunday when he puts them on the field. Or maybe he even decides not to play them at all.

Bears don’t care about that. This team has looked much better without Cutler than with him on the field. Chicago was actually an entertaining squad to watch in the past couple of weeks. They are looking pretty decent with Barkley under the center. He does make some mistakes, but he also makes some big plays with Alshon Jeffrey. At the end of the day, in a game that has competitive meaning, you want to watch a guy that is ready to make big plays. Jeffrey is also playing for his next deal so you know he is going to go all-out.

We don’t know that the situation is with Zimmer and his problems with Rhodes and Newman. That is why we are going to roll with the Bears in this contest. Alshon Jeffrey is going to put on a show on Sunday and lead Barkley and his offense to a good game. Bears will win this game 28:24.