New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins – Week 17 Picks And Predictions

In one of the rare games that will have some Playoff implications, the two divisional rivals will meet in Nations Capital. Redskins are currently sitting at 8-6-1, and they hold their own Playoff faith in their hands. If they win this game, they are in. If they lose this one, it’s all over for the Redskins.

They needed some help from the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. Dallas needed to beat Detriot in order for Washinton to be in a position that they are in right now. With both Lions and Packers at 9-6 right now, the loser of that match is going to drop to 9-7 on the year. That means that Washington can get in with a win here and with the 9-6-1 record. Tampa Bay is at 8-7 right now, so it means that their best case scenario is 9-7. As we already stated, that won’t be enough for a squad to surpass the Redskins if they win this duel.

Giants have struggled on the offensive side of the ball as of late. They have already punched their Playoff ticket, but they need to get going on offense. The defense has been spectacular, d-line is bringing the pressure while the secondary is more than capable of holding things together. This game won affect their Playoff position, but the match might influence how they play in the postseason.

Kirk Cousins‘ future might depend on this duel. He better perform if he wants his money. Redskins have a lot on the line in this one. If they win, they are in, and if they lose, they are out. Washington has struggled in big moments, and we are going to pick them to struggle again. With the postseason on the line, we are picking the Giants to win this game 26:17 and knock the Redskins out of the Playoff picture.