Cristiano Ronaldo Deserves To Be Respected

Cristiano Ronaldo had a successful year as he managed to win Champions League and European Championship. Furthermore, he signed a new contract with his club Real Madrid. Ronaldo also hit the milestone of 500 club career goals, which gives him legendary status. Last week, he scored a hat-trick against Kashima Antlers in the Club World Cup final.

Ronaldo talked about his rival Lionel Messi and himself, and in December he said: “I think great players should play together. So if we were on the same team, I think I would have more [Ballon d’Ors] than him, but he wouldn’t be far off.”

His career is often compared to the Argentinian’s, and with statements like this above, we understand why someone doesn’t like Ronaldo. For example, he decided to take the last penalty in the Champions League final in May and many people who don’t like him thought of him as an arrogant player who wants the spotlight only on him.

Ronaldo also displayed arrogance after a 3-3 draw against Hungary and a difficult game against much weaker opponent Iceland. After the match against Iceland, he stated: “It was a lucky night for them. We should have three points, but we are OK. I thought they’d won the Euros the way they celebrated at the end.”

However, he showed determination in a final duel against France when he tried to play through injury and pain. He proved that he is a leader and his teammates admire him. After he couldn’t play anymore, he accepted the role of a “coach” and tried to help his teammates from the sideline.

Ronaldo is a 31-year-old man, and he managed to achieve all this, stay successful and play at an extremely high level for years. Kaka and Ronaldinho were tremendous players, legends even, but they stayed on top for a short period of time. Ronaldo’s teammate Miguel Veloso described him as “a machine.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s maturity can be seen in his ways of adapting his game. When he was younger, he was temperamental, but now he’s gained the soccer IQ, and it is beautiful to watch him play. He joined the elites such as Payton Manning, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan. You may not like Cristiano Ronaldo’s game or personality, but he deserves to be respected.