Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Bottles over the Plastic


Earth has been greatly affected by the production of plastic. About 8 million plastics are abandoned in the oceans every year. It is polluting water and killing marine life. Not only habitats of these innocent animals are destroyed but also their species are in danger. This garbage vortex is called the Great Pacific garbage Patch, because of its massive plastic island in the ocean which covers 1.6 million kilometers carrying 100 kilograms per kilometer approximately. One of the major sources of this plastic is common plastic bottles. People consume water from them once and leave this garbage to destroy mother earth forever. 95% of this plastic is not even recycled, and whatever left is recycled is highly toxic and the procedure causes other environmental issues like global warming. After plastic bags, now plastic bottles need to be eliminated from the market. This global move can save the oceans and soil from being destroyed by these toxic chemicals. When these chemicals are absorbed by the soil, it can cause soil infertility and also toxic our veggies with these chemicals. The healthy movement to eliminate plastic can be done by replacing plastic bottles with aluminum bottles containing purified and filtered water. Aluminum bottles are proved to have far more benefits and minimal environmental impact. Trusted and verified companies are not only taking care of your health by providing the best-distilled water but also providing aluminum bottles to keep the environment intact. To get more info, click on this link.

Facts about plastic bottles


The water companies manufacturing plastic bottles are at least 40% fake; they are only pouring tap water in plastic bottles. This tap water which is already contaminated and injurious to health is further mixed with plastic chemicals of these substandard bottles. It is better to stay thirsty rather than drink this toxic drink. The truth about these plastic bottles is they are made of substandard polymers including polyethylene and ethylene. These can cause a specific chemical called BPA, which is a solvent of water and other beverages. This toxic chemical gets dissolved in the colorless water and manipulates us into drinking toxic chemicals. In contrast, aluminum bottles are made of 100% recyclable aluminum. It hinders the absorption of any toxic chemical, even saving the water from sun rays and heat. It is quite lightweight and easy to port anywhere, also it is reusable so you don’t have to throw it away after using it once which can save earth from more garbage. If we think wisely then it is better to get one aluminum bottle instead of 30 plastic bottles for 30 days. Using one refillable aluminum bottle can save up to 240 plastic bottles per year. One plastic bottle takes almost 450 years to completely break down and set earth free. It is high time to take any action against the plastic pandemic, plastic bottles are creating more than 121 million tons of waste every year and most of it is never recycled.

Health threats of plastic bottles

The chemical caused by plastic called Bisphenol A (BPA) has numerous health threats. It can seep into water or beverage through plastic bottles that are made with BPA. It can affect the brain, glands, fetuses, infants, and children. It is one of the cancer-causing agents. Along with harming a fetus, it can cause lifetime infertility. It is also contributing to diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart problems. These health threats cannot be ignored. Comparative to that aluminum has no such health threats. Drinking distilled water from aluminum bottles can ensure its purity and save us from diseases caused by BPA.

Get BPA free water


The convenient way of getting BPA free pure water is by using aluminum over plastic. Aluminum is free of such chemicals and toxins. Good companies are working on both pure water and their packaging. If pure and distilled water is stored in plastic bottles and absorb BPA then it is no longer pure. Portable aluminum packaging is bringing ease to life. Get BPA free pure water in reusable aluminum packaging.

The impact of plastic bottle replacement

It will save us 47 million gallons of oil every year, which is used in the production of plastic bottles. It will also save the environment from gallons of garbage. Our bodies will be BPA free and healthy by saving us from deadly diseases like cancer. Carrying reusable bottles can provoke drinking water and can help us maintain a healthy habit. It will raise awareness in the society against the plastic pandemic.

Steps we need to take

This is the right time to fight against plastic for our health and the environment. Simple small steps taken by us can bring a change on the community level. Even caring about the environment and marine life is considered to be social work. Here are some trouble-free actions which can change the destiny of our dear planet.

  • Get pure distilled BPA free water in aluminum bottles.
  • Do not throw these bottles after one use, they can be reused.
  • Do not worry about the environment while using aluminum bottles, they are eco-friendly.
  • Say no to plastic bottles and other plastic products.
  • Check the quality of the distilled water provided by the market
  • Let your loved ones know about the health and environmental hazards of plastic bottles.
  • Drink eight glasses of pure distilled bottled water every day.
  • Get eco-friendly bottles and reuse them, stay safe, and keep your environment clean.

The luxury of aluminum bottles


Stylish and trendy aluminum bottles can be your everyday water buddy. It is necessary to intake the right amount of water every day. Lightweight bottles can help you keep track of your water consumption. The distilled water provided in aluminum bottles shows the commitment and consideration of the company. The company providing aluminum bottles shows intense care for the customer’s health and environment. Moreover, it is the needed luxury for life today, get your distilled bottled water home delivered and enjoy.