Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

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Without a presence on the Internet and online promotion of their services now can not do almost any company of small and medium-sized businesses. But not all of them have a team of specialists who understand Internet marketing. In this case, one of the options for solving the problem is cooperation with an external marketing contractor. But how to determine whether you have a quality specialist or a freelance newbie? In the article, you will find out the criteria by which a cheating performer can be recognized in his author’s column.

Internet marketing does not tolerate the hustle and bustle 

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When the business starts to grow, evolving into something more than a resale of goods with markup, the representatives of the company think about the next important step – going online. Not talking about those who pragmatically develop several channels of communication or start with the creation of a website and promotion on the Internet. We are talking about newcomers who have decided to get acquainted with the world of Internet marketing but do not know the terms, mechanics of action, performance indicators, etc., which help distinguish a real professional from a tamer with a superficial level of knowledge. They are afraid to make a mistake and for a long time to be disappointed in the possibilities of Internet marketing.

Of course, there are excellent freelancers and outsourcers among them, who can handle the task of increased complexity, but they do not always keep their hands on the pulse and control the situation. Efficiency in our business is very important, judge for yourself – the fall of the site, the layout, the dead channel of communication, the intrigue of competitors, seasonal promotions, interaction with consumers, etc.

Compared to “single” agencies, there is a great advantage in the face of a team of professionals, sharpened on the result and receiving a salary for solving the client’s problems. You always have a manager and any member of the project team at your disposal, so questions and doubts will never go unanswered. The most important thing is to choose a reliable contractor such as, with whom you can achieve your goals and which can effectively promote your business on the Internet.

So, here are a few factors-markers that allow you to determine who sits in front of you – a digital-scammer or a professional in Internet marketing.

1. The contractor does not ask leading questions at the first meeting 

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Do you think it’s worth a try and see what happens? No, you have to run fast and without looking back. Our field of activity is based on forecasts and a clear focus on statistical indicators, so forget about the wording of the series: “Let’s follow the situation”. The contractor should prepare an approximate plan and ideas for the project, even if you have not given all the access to the project, propose solutions to the problem and agree to receive all the information from the potential client to work out the stages of the advertising campaign in detail.

2. The contractor asks for an immediate advance        

This behavior characterizes the agency as a “migratory bird”, which changes direction depending on the warmth and direction of the wind. This is a rarity that only the most impudent representatives of the market can afford. If you pay in advance for the services, or rather the work of specialists, then you should be bold enough to require a forecast of the result and a plan to solve a specific problem, even if it is a question of the stages of launching a new project.

3. The contractor offers weird payment schemes 

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And why not try to transfer money through a foreign company, which has nothing to do with cooperation, if you laugh at the risk in the face and do not ask counter questions. Such tempting offers should be rejected immediately and without delay.

Ask an accountant or a lawyer (although it is easier to do it yourself), if you have any doubts about the honesty and openness of a potential partner – let him look at the official documents for fraud. 

4. Contractor refuses to showcases 

Cases are the pride, joy, and dignity of any agency. The presence of cases on the site is not an indicator of the quality of work, as many companies, especially large market players, can not reveal information and details of cooperation. But in a personal conversation, discussing the scope of your company’s activities and budget, the representative of the agency should demonstrate the experience and results for clients in a similar segment.

Most effective digital representatives like to brag about their victories and successes. We are no exception. Ask about the cases, ask for details of the project development, and if possible, talk to the team of specialists who were engaged in a promotion.    

5. A contractor does not know your competitors 

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This suggests that the salesman or manager hasn’t even prepared to meet you. Ask them what your company does. They may have forgotten or didn’t know, so they decided to give you their services as soon as possible. General information about competitors is in the public domain, I’m not talking about marketing analysis, which reveals all your painful points and demonstrates the pros and cons of other companies.

The agency should clearly understand at the first stages of the project discussion who is an example to follow and who should be bypassed at the turn in the near future. On the basis of these data, a promotion strategy, a plan of objectives, goals for the future, models of behavior with the audience and the project budget are formed.