Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Handgun – Different Types to Know

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Many people invest in handguns for many purposes. Some are just gun enthusiasts, while others want them for personal defense, hunting, shooting competition, or target practice. Choosing the right gun is more challenging than you may think, and the whole experience can be daunting.

The decision can be difficult, as there is a wide variety of choices, but you should choose a handgun that suits all your needs. A key consideration is to get a gun that you feel comfortable using. The whole process shouldn’t derail your desire to own a gun if you objectively and thoroughly choose a handgun.

If you are new to guns, a handgun is a firearm small enough to hold in one hand when fired. It’s easy to distinguish from other long guns like rifles, machine guns, shotguns, or submachine guns. You don’t have to brace the gun against your shoulders or hold it with both hands to fire.

To enjoy the “James Bond” experience carrying around or using your gun, you should be well-versed with different varieties out there. You’ll find these guns in different sizes and shapes and options that vary in the caliber ammunition they use. You must make wise decisions when looking for a handgun and gather vital information.

You’re probably wondering where to start and pick the best handgun. Continue reading and learn more.

Understand the Handgun Basics- Key Things to Know

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If aspiring to be a new gun owner in town, you may love handguns, but there are basics to fathom. You need to ask yourself, why do I need a gun?

Most gun owners pursue different activities driven by motivation and will want the best types in the market. A number of reasons that might influence your decision to buy a handgun include:

  • Practice target shooting, an excellent exercise that improves precision for both the shooter and the gun.
  • Practice defensive shooting and safety in society.
  • To protect your property, life, and health.
  • Recreational shooting whereby you use the gun for pleasure.
  • For competition shooting with the aim of winning proposed winners’ rewards.
  • Suitable for occupational requirements and security purposes.

The handgun you choose should have proper ergonomics, fit, and functionality. Hence, the shooter and the gun together can work seamlessly. Always go for a reliable, safe gun with sufficient magazine capacity. That means you must look beyond the handgun’s comfort and ease of use.

Further, you need to determine your basic point-shoot at the range before placing an order for the gun. You’ve to try the gun before buying. Get your unloaded handgun, close your eyes, and try to shoot at a makeshift target. The gun and your eyes should be lined up exactly where you want to hit a target.

Buying a gun may seem simple, but with changing terms and technology, the type of handgun you buy is imperative. There is a greater deal when buying these guns than most people realize. The most obvious thing to guide your pursuit is what type of handgun you prefer.

Different Types of Handguns Widely Used Globally

There are different varieties of handguns to invest in today. They include the following:

Single Shot Handguns

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These guns are designed to fire one single shot at a time. You’ll manually reload the gun and fire again. Unfortunately, they are slow to reload after firing a single round and are not designed for long-term use.

Multi-Barreled Guns

These types allow users to fire many shots without reloading. They are a slight improvement over the single-shot pistols. Most of these handguns are out-of-date, but there are modern variants, like the Arsenal Firearms’ AF2011-A1 twin-barrel gun.



Also known as wheel guns, revolvers are easy to identify because they come with rotating cylinders packed with cartridges. These cylinders can hold five to eight rounds, depending on your weapon. The cylinder will rotate every time you pull the trigger and fire a new round.

Revolvers are classic weapons invented in the early 80s and made it easy to fire many bullets without reloading. They are easy to distinguish also because they might be extremely small or even absurdly large. Common types of revolver handguns include:

  • Single Action Revolver– They feature outdated cowboy gun triggers. The hammer must be cocked to the back before discharging the bullet. Even though it’s an old-fashioned revolver, it’s widely used in hunting.
  • Double-Action Revolver– This handgun features a modern system whereby the trigger pulls the hammer to the back while releasing it in action. They are easy to operate, compact, and less complicated. They are widely used for defensive purposes and as backup weapons.
  • Double Action Only Revolver– These handguns are a new addition to the defensive pistol market. They feature a metallic shroud covering the hammer to prevent the gun from snagging. Pressing the trigger fires the gun. You’ll have a concealable handgun that is also ultra-lightweight, making them an excellent choice for many women.

Semi-Automatic Handguns

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Semi-automatic handguns are a huge attraction to many gun lovers in the current era. They are the go-to and most prevalent guns in the firearm industry. Military and law enforcement personalities and civilians widely use semi-automatic handguns.

The cartridge of these types of handguns helps refill the chamber for the next shot. The gun will reload the next shot with recoil energy.

The guns are also magazine-fed, allowing users to carry many bullets or additional magazines. If you’re considering different ammunition options, you may find this TULAMMO review useful.

Automatic Handgun

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You won’t go wrong by picking an automatic handgun with a single trigger pull that can fire many times in a row. These handguns are rare and strictly regulated by the ATF, and Glock-18 is the most common type. You’ll have an excellent firearm for super-quick firing and fun shooting.

Features That Make Handguns Standout and Excellent for Shooting

Regardless of the type of handgun you choose, you’ll have a great gun for ultimate use and guaranteed effectiveness. Whether you choose a single shotgun, revolver, or semi-automatic, you’ll have a firearm to use for many purposes. Most importantly, here are some characteristics that make handguns easy to shoot:

  1. Have proper gun weight to reduce recoil
  2. Excellent bore axis that helps make most of the recoil go into the hand, giving less muzzle rise.
  3. Barrel length that helps accelerate the bullet
  4. Frame size
  5. Proper ammunition and caliber
  6. Handgun’s sights for improved viewing and ease of use
  7. Texture and grip size
  8. Trigger travel distance
  9. Trigger press consistency and weight

Final Thoughts

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If you’re an enthusiastic gun user, you shouldn’t have any reservations about picking a handgun. There are different types in the market, and it’s upon you to select a model you like. Handguns are easy to learn how to shoot effectively, maintain and use for different purposes. Even if you use handguns for different purposes, it’s important to take pride in gun ownership. You’ve to be responsible whenever you use your favorite firearm.