Chris Jericho Working With New Japan Pro Wrestling Even More?!


We now know that Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho will meet at the Wrestle Kingdom 12 PPV for the IWGP World Championship, the biggest title in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Chirs has been a free agent ever since his run with the WWE ended in May and he decided that doing a match with Omega was the best thing for him.

He has had a lot of interviews since he announced wrestling for NJPW on January 4th as many people were surprised to see him wrestle for another company. According to him, Vince is quite okay with him performing for NJPW.

Jericho himself has also had only words of praise for the promotion and his opponent. In fact, he thinks that NJPW is a global brand and that they are behind the biggest one in the business, WWE. The fans around the world are making them successful outside of Japan and having somebody like Jericho do a match for them is only going to get more eyes on the product that they are giving out.

As far as working more matches for this company, Jericho said that he is free to do whatever he wants because he is a free agent. If there is an opportunity for him to wrestle there for a couple more matches, he is going to do it.

His statement that he owes nothing to the WWE and that he shouldn’t feel guilty for going somewhere else is a god-honest truth. Jericho also added that he knows just how good Kenny Omega is. He has a lot of respect for him, but he thinks that he is the best. Nobody can match Jericho, and this guy is looking to prove that on January 4th. There is no doubt that this is going to be a clash of the year candidate in the whole wrestling world.