Chrome Canary is now available on your Android phone

The controversial Chrome Canary is now made available by Google on the Android phone. This has been listed on the Google Play Store on Tuesday.

Canary is known to be the most capricious of all Chrome browsers. It goes through about forty revisions from the Chrome development team every day. It is so full of data insecurities so that it operates side by side with other versions of the Chrome browser but it does not partake any installation files with them. As a matter of fact, whether you have Windows or Mac, you cannot easily set Canary as your default browser. You would need to tweak your operating system in order to do that.

In the Android, Canary is caught in the same situation. It has actually been tagged as experimental in the Play Store. You will also see a disclaimer that it has not been tested and may cause unstable performance. As it is with other platforms, Canary is update with new versions using newest codes which hold multiple feature developments and even bug holes. The updates are delivered automatically even without prior testing. This is what makes the Canary an unstable software.

Google cautions that the Canary will get repeated updates. They could run up to seven updates every week. The downside of this is that the updates could eat up a lot of bandwidth than other browsers. Frequent updates on the app will generally take up 100mb worth of bandwidth. This would be a worrisome situation for phones using only cellular data.

However, Google do not have plans to recall the software. The objective for Canary is to stay functional all the time. A little instability wouldn’t hurt. It’s only annoying. Canary wouldn’t really cause you much trouble. You can still enjoy surfing the Internet just like with any other browser. Besides, Google is much more concerned about the major flaws rather than the little ones.

Canary is an addition to two other versions previously released for Android. One is Chrome Beta which was launched in January of 2013 and the other is Chrome Dev which was made available in April of 2015.

If you love adventure and like living on the edge, then perhaps you would also enjoy the fickleness of the Chrome Canary on your Android phone. After all, there are still other ways you can access the Internet where you can use a better browser. It also good to put a little spice in life sometime.