Microsoft makes possible single sign-on to Microsoft services through Skype

Microsoft is ready to add an option for users of, OneDrive, Xbox Live, and Office to sign in using their Skype name. This is expected to take off next week which will be a single sign-in and then email addresses in some cases so as to be able to have access to these other services, the company officials said in a blog post.

They also added that users will notice a change in the sign-in screen of Skype where there is a recovery flow for the account as well as password change to which the user can choose to ignore and continue making use of their Skype Name if they prefer. The reason for the change, the company said, is because it now manages Skype.

According to a spokesperson for the company who was reacting to the question of what these changes would mean for existing owners of Microsoft Accounts, the spokesperson said that the users will need to update their Skype account from next week when the Microsoft account goes live.

The spokesperson also said that this will allow the users have access to Office, Xbox, Skype, and other services that the company offers using just one account. They can then continue using their Skype Name when they have updated their Skype account.

The Skype account update can only be made once to that of Microsoft account, the spokesperson said, while pointing out that an email address will be needed to be added to a Skype account if the user does not want things together or does not have a Microsoft account. With that, the users will have easy access to their account should they forget their passwords.

The company introduced a feature that allows for alpha test version for Linux that will allow video calling to Skype which was made available in the early part of this year. The company made an announcement in July that they will make Skype available for Linux alpha app.