Citizenship By Investment – 2024 Guide

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Many people want to get citizenship of another country to start a new life in better conditions. The Caribbean islands are the best place for it. The most common way to obtain a passport is by investment. A favorable solution, given all the future benefits.

Saint Kitts and Nevis offers perfect conditions for obtaining a passport. Now the country’s economy is on the rise. Foreign investments are important for the country as well. They make a rapid development and improvement of the living standard possible. From a small and hopeless, the state turned into one of the most promising. To get its passport, you will need to invest a small amount that will bring plenty of benefits.

Requirements for getting the passport

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In the Caribbean Islands, a special program for granting citizenship has been operating for more than 30 years. Over this time, many people have taken advantage of its conditions, including world stars and millionaires. The requirements for obtaining a passport are simple. The main ones are as follows:

1. The investment amount

The minimum contribution amount is set for a particular investment option. If it goes about charity investment (non-refundable), then the amount is $150,000. The minimum refundable investment amounts to $200,000. This is a key requirement that is considered extremely important. One can invest in tourism, the social sector, and real estate. Besides, there are state fees, which are not too high, however.

2. The applicant’s age

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A potential citizen of the country must be an adult. Anyone who is 18 and over, as well as has funds should send documents for obtaining the country’s citizenship. It’s a good idea to use our company’s services to avoid probable problems when applying for the passport. Specialists are always at your disposal. They perform all the procedures in no time since they have extensive work experience and professional skills.

3. No criminal records, debts, and health problems

The applicant’s personal record is also one of the important criteria, which an approval of the application for citizenship depends on. You shouldn’t submit documents if you have a criminal record or serious problems with debts. It’s not surprising at all – how can an indebted investor have large amounts of money? The solvency guarantee increases the chances for obtaining citizenship.

If there are no problems, you can feel free to fill in the documents and trust Imperial & Legal. Experienced professionals are ready to help at any stage, which will bring you the required result.

The standard procedure takes 3-4 months, but it can be accelerated if you need. For an additional fee, the citizenship registration will take 45-60 days. These are officially specified deadlines, which also depend on the speed of collecting documents and performing all procedures. With our specialists’ help, any procedure will be performed promptly, properly, and smoothly.

The most interesting investment programs

Besides ongoing support, we offer detailed information about the options available for obtaining citizenship. It’s provided by phone or via popular social networks. The number of countries participating in the special investment program is constantly growing. The following offers are now worth being mentioned:

1. Saint Lucia

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The minimum investment amount is only $100,000 and a standard application takes as few as 3 months to consider. The country is open for investment and provides excellent conditions for living and business activities.

2. Antigua and Barbuda

To get its passport, you will need to invest $100,000. The application is considered within 3-4 months. This country is perfect for a large family, since registration of all the members in addition to the applicant is quite affordable.

3. Malta

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One of the most popular countries in the world among businessmen. It offers a sparing tax system. Grants citizenship to investors as well. Here, you need to invest at least $1,150,000. It takes up to one year to consider the application. However, it’s worth parting with such a sum and waiting for so long given all the advantages that open up to Malta citizens.

4. Grenada

There are no special problems with obtaining a Grenada passport either.

5. Cyprus

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Cyprus citizenship will cost more, but the prospect of living comfortably in a cozy and financially stable country pays up.

If you have any questions, feel free contact us. Our specialists will be happy to tell you about all the peculiarities and requirements that are important for obtaining a passport of one of the selected countries. By relying on us, you can avoid all the risks and achieve the required result without any problems.

Why should I get the second passport?

There are plenty of different reasons for obtaining the second passport. First, you can become more mobile, especially if your current identity document doesn’t allow you to travel around the world without a visa. Besides, the following advantages of obtaining citizenship of one of the Caribbean countries are worth mentioning:

1. Perfect living conditions

The islands are not just a resort area, but the perfect religion for living. Citizens with two passports aren’t limited in anything; they have the right to high-quality medical services, education, and economic stability. There is almost no corruption and crime in the CIB countries, which allows you to live in peace and justice.

2. Citizenship for all the family members

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You can get passports for all relatives. First, the head of the family must obtain citizenship, after which he has the right to apply for registration of his relatives, subject to paying state fees and additional duties.

3. Business activity

There is nothing impossible in establishing your own business and starting to receive dividends. You can also easily invest in an existing business and real estate, thus getting a passive income.

4. No strict requirements regarding taxation

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Most countries have a strict tax system that imposes few restrictions on businessmen. Therefore, even millionaires try to make utmost investments to get rewarded with a share in promising projects and citizenship.

A passport of one of the Caribbean countries makes it possible to experience attractive living conditions. Also, you get new opportunities after receiving it: traveling, investing in other projects, and so on. Don’t waste time thinking about whether to apply for citizenship or not.

All you need is to make a single investment in the country, and it will generously pay off by providing a passport that is recognized all over the world. The amount required for obtaining citizenship is tiny if compared to the conditions provided in return. Therefore, you should thoroughly think everything over, paying attention to the information located on our company’s website. However, it’s better to seek advice from our managers at once. The experienced professionals will be happy to advise you on how and what to do.

After signing a preliminary contract for our services, the specialists will get down to work, which almost always provides our clients with positive results, subject to a clean biography and no financial problem. We have a representative in each of the countries.

This is a special agent responsible for submitting documents to the government agencies. You should contact us to protect yourself from fraudsters and incompetent agents. This will make it possible for you to avoid financial losses.

Therefore, don’t waste your precious time since instead of 1-2 weeks, you can spend a whole life at the resort! Everything is possible, all you need to make your dream come true is to fulfill simple requirements.