Classic video games reinterpeted in automotive form

Well, this is one of those articles that are going to be bellowed both by gamers and automotive enthusiasts. This time we have a question – If a video game were a car which one would it be? This question has a clear answer when games like Gran Turismo or Forza are considered, and it would always be – all of them! But what about a situation in which you have classic game titles that in no way are connected with the automotive world at all? Well, then things get little more interesting for both worlds.

Since this question has already popped up, Carwow decided that they have a close enough answer or rather answers in plural. Apparently, this British car-buying site identified the cars that best suit and depict each of the ten timeless classic games, they decided to commission illustrations that will go nicely with each of those.

In the pictures that we provided you will have a chance to see that everybody’s bellowed game Mario (Mario Cart) which has been equalized with BAC Mono – the only car that has the closest look to a kart. Pac-Man has been tied with the VW Beetle that is round, yellow and nimble just like it. Sonic the Hedgehog, is and isn’t the biggest surprise, because it isn’t tied to a Chevy Sonic but totally opposite. It is represented as the blue, punchy and spiky Honda Civic Type R which we think truly suits it. When Tetris is considered you have to have a boxy and hard vehicle, and what other depicts this best than the Volvo 240. The list is made for comical purposes, but when you take a closer look it has a lot of effort put into it, and it pretty much nails every game with its corresponding car.

The list goes to Tomb Raider which is paired with the Range Rover Evoque, a robust and tough off road climbing machine just like our Lara Croft. Donkey Kong is represented by Toyota Land Cruiser, Wipeout with Nissan DeltaWing, that by the way looks as it came straight from the game, The Legend of Zelda with a fighter Mini, Half-Life by heavily weaponized Audi Q2 and Smart ForTwo stands in for Space Invaders like its made for that role.

This list, you all must agree, is more than awesome and it will be one of those lists from which you can choose your favorite one. Ours is definitely the VW Beetle as the Pac-Man! How about you, do you have a favorite?