The uglier design the better Pontiac Aztek looks like!

Wait what? Ugly design,… better the look,… what? Oooh, wait! It’s about the Pontiac Aztek, oh OK then!

As everybody probably knows the Pontiac Aztek will have to live with a stamp (not that good, unfortunately) as a world’s ugliest car ever designed. To make the things even worse, GM decided to make their creation even worse (I know this could be argued) with some “smoothing” redesign where they scratched the contrasting body cladding that was the only thing that gave the car character in the first place. What would probably work better is that they doubled down on everything they have taken off and made it look as “awful” as this render does.

This, without any doubt, phenomenal render is a masterpiece of artist Rain Prisk who conceived Aztek as a competition spec vehicle that now has, even more, stuff on it than the original. As you can see it has wider fender flares that barely cover these big racing slick tires, side mounted exhaust tips and an enormous amount of aerodynamic bits and pieces that can embarrass even a DTM race car. But if we neglect the render then each and every one of us knows that there is no way that Aztek could ever be raced, nevertheless how good this looks. Even on the rendered image it still has the rain deflectors for crying out loud! But to show what was the Aztek most popular for, the artist packed a few Easter eggs on it. If you take a closer look, you will see a roof rack, the license plate and the Walter White sticker that clearly points to the Brian Cranston character who drove one of these (well not one from the rendered image) in the critically praised television series Breaking Bad.

Our dear artist prepared one more thing for our amusement. For everybody else who are looking and reading this from outside North American market (where the Aztek was mainly confined), he released another photo of what (in terms of ugliness) can only be described as the European brother to the Aztek. Yes, the Europeans now probably know what I’m talking about! That’s right, Rain Prisk gave the same treatment to the Fiat Multipla which, just like Aztek, looks even more beautiful when more junk is piled on it. Incredible how these things work out, right?!

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