The Easiest Way to Clean Your Mattress

When you find that perfect mattress and have spent the right amount of money on it, you want to do your best to keep it in good shape. Some people are not really taking good care of them and put them through rough use. They set up their television and go to bed at night with a snack, a drink and kick back on the bed and watch a movie.

This can create greases such as butter from your popcorn or your drink getting spilled. Make sure you tend to it after that and keep it clean and maintained in general.

Clean Immediately

Another stain that must be removed immediately is that you have a child who sleeps with you and occasionally has an accident. If your child has accidents at night, make sure that you clean your mattress immediately. Urine stains can leave large yellow spots and also leave a smell that can be quite strong and unpleasant. Therefore, tend to it right away.

How to clean it?

One way to clean your mattress on a regular basis, and I feel that would depend if you are a heavy sweater at night or have a partner that is a heavy sweater or if you are someone that eats in your bed. Another reason to clean it more often would be if you have allergies. Allergens can settle down into your bed and can actually make you sick as you sleep. There are many different reasons to clean your bed more often. You know if your mattress feels and smells fresh.

  • The first step would be to remove all linens from your bed and
  • Wash them in as hot of water as the manufacturers washing instructions allow and a mild detergent that will remove any dirt or smells from your linens.
  • Vacuum it thoroughly, removing any dust, dead skin cells, or anything else that is on your bed.
  • Treat any stains that may be on your mattress with a mild detergent solution or a mild cleaner that is safe for it. Follow the instructions that come with it carefully.
  • Sprinkle it with baking soda and let it sit as long as you Can. Baking soda is known to absorb smells and can help to remove some stains and spots.
  • Vacuum off the dirt using an upholstery brush and then a crevice tool around the edges or in the designs that your upholstery brush might not get into. This will remove any baking soda and any remaining dead skin, dust mites, or dirt that may still be on your mattress.

It is now time to remake your bed with fresh linens, and that has just come out of your dryer. You should wash and put on fresh linens at least once a week. This helps to keep it clean and bedding fresh.


Awara is one of the popular choices in the organic bedding industry. This one comes with no poly foam, lead, synthetic wool, or formaldehyde. This is a great choice for many people with allergies. The organic materials make this a great choice for those that believe in the go green movement.

Cover – the cover for this mattress has been designed from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Organic cotton offers a quality look and a soft touch as you crawl onto your bed

Transition Layer – This layer is made for 4 inches of GOLS certified Organic Dunlop Latex. Along with the organic material, this layer offers bounce, durability, and temperature control to this mattress.

Support Layer – This layer has been created using 9 inches individually pocketed coils. These coils are able to move individually, allowing pressure relief where it is needed to the sleeper.

Awara offers a firmness of around a medium. The motion transfer would not be highly recommended for couples, especially if one is a restless sleeper. Picking this would be a good choice for anyone who is a stomach or back sleeper. It would even work for a side, combo sleeper that does not sleep on their side all night.

Simmons Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest is a flagship brand of Serta Simmons. It is one of the best innerspring mattresses in the industry.

Cover – The cover has been created with a blend of rayon and polyester. It is quilted with two polyfoam layers, which gives you that soft sinking feeling as soon as you get on your mattress. The cover is created to be breathable to help with the cooling effect of your bed.

Comfort Layer – This layer is a ½ inch layer of gel memory foam. This offers a slow response to pressure allowing you to sink only slightly, offering support and pressure relief but does not take away the firmness from it.

Transition Layer – This layer offers 1 ½ inch of poly foam. This foam is denser than the memory foam above it, and it helps to ease the sleeper down on the coils below. This helps to give the sleeper more support and be able to turn over easier on the mattress

Support Layer – This layer is designed with pocketed coils. The individually wrapped coils help the sleeper move easier on the bed while it supports him up out of the mattress. The coils also help to isolate the motion movements making it a more comfortable bed for couples with a restless sleeper.

Edge Support – Wrapped around the pocketed coils is a layer of high-density polyfoam. This allows you to use the entire surface of your mattress all the way to the edges.

Beautyrest is around a medium firmness and still offers support and pressure relief for many sleepers. This mattress seems to be a good choice for side sleepers, stomach, and back combo sleepers. The motion transfer is fairly steady with this product making it a good choice for a

sleeper that sleeps with a partner. Beautyrest also offers a cooler night’s sleep because of all of the airflow abilities from the cover to the pocketed springs.


Novosbed is one of top of the line memory foam mattresses. It offers quality support and pressure relief for many sleepers.

Cover – The cover is made from Tencel. This material is eco friendly and is soft to the touch. It also offers quality breathability that will allow the airflow to circulate through the material.

Comfort – This layer is created with a layer of airflow foam. This foam is similar to memory foam but has been designed to allow the airflow to circulate through the material, helping to offer a cooling effect to your bed and gives you soothing experience.

Contour – This layer is made from a layer of memory foam. This design helps the contouring of the top layer extend even deeper into the mattress. This gives support to sleepers with back and shoulder problems by helping to relieve the tension in these high, supported areas.

Pressure Relief Layer – This layer of memory foam helps extend the contouring from the upper layers, giving more comfort and support to the sleeper.

Support Layer – This layer is made from a high-density layer of poly foam. This foam offers support to the upper layers and helps to shape the bed. This layer also gives it stability and helps to support the sleeper.

Novosbed offers a medium firmness. Picking this would be a great choice for back sleepers and side sleepers who occasionally sleep on their sides. The motion transfer of this bed is very stable and would be a great choice for couples. The memory foam seems to absorb the movements, so little movement is felt on this mattress.


All of these discussed products provide a quality night’s sleep, and keeping them clean is a vital option for many sleepers. Setting your mattress out in the sunshine to air out is another great way to help to keep it clean and fresh. If you cannot set it outside, open your window and let the sunshine in on your bed, allowing it to get fresh air and sunshine. Another great option to keep them new, and this will also help to block the allergens that settle inside of it would be to wrap your mattress into a cover.

There are many different ones to choose from, some are made from plastic materials, while others are made from rubber. These can totally seal your mattress and enclose with a zipper keeping them safe from spills and stains while also keeping the dust and dead skin from settling down into them. When you decide to wash its pad, be sure that it is dry before putting it back onto your bed. When selecting your easiest way to keep that clean, check out several different options to protect your investment and your comfortable night’s rest. For further information, visit