Here Is Why Clippers Are The Best In The NBA Right Now

Los Angeles Clippers are off to one of the best starts in franchise history. They are playing extremely well right now, doing everything that Doc imagined before the season started. They are always one of the top NBA teams but were never quite the best in the NBA. Now, it seems that this is their year, their time to fully shine and show what they are really capable of doing. Why have they been so successful in their first ten games?

Well, their depth is the biggest factor. Everybody is contributing, from the starters to every last player on the bench. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are getting everybody involved, and their role players are making the most of every opportunity.

Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford are providing a significant punch off the bench. Mo Speights is the guy that Doc has been looking for all these years. He can stretch the floor really well, can play some defense and is a great replacement for DeAndre Jordan when other teams are sending him to the line. Doc Rivers can now easily insert Speights into the lineup and not lose a thing on the offensive side of the ball and in other segments maybe even gain something.

Clippers are also playing the best defense that they ever had. They were always one of the top teams on offense, but D was their weakness. Doc was known as a good defensive coach back in his Celtics days and is now finally able to pass that on to this squad.

Chris Paul and company are looking like a legit threat to the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Can they sustain this level of play? The answer is yes. Will they take the ring? It is hard to guess, but we think that they have a good chance of going all the way this time or at least come close.