3 Things to Love About Clothing Box Subscriptions for Kids


Have you ever dreamed that dinner would appear on the table, already cooked? Have you imagined shutting your eyes, snapping your fingers, and instantly tying every open shoelace in a five-mile radius? Or maybe you’ve prayed for homework guidance or an easy bedtime?

Well, unfortunately, there is no way around doing these tasks yourself, but when it comes to getting your kids dressed every day without the hassle of shopping, there is a blessing in the form of clothing box subscriptions. Ideal for busy parents, entire outfits will appear at your door. It’s a little everyday miracle that makes life easier for busy families.

If this sounds like something that might make your life easier, you can read more about this on this website. If you need some convincing, read on to learn three things to love about clothing box subscriptions for kids.

What Are Clothing Box Subscriptions?


You might have heard of subscription box clothes for adults, in which a personal stylist curates a box of clothes and sends them to your home. A kids clothing subscription works on the same principle, only with picky, squirmy kids in mind.

For instance, when you subscribe and receive a clothing box for kids, you receive 3-4 complete outfits from your favorite name brands. Each piece is 40-60% off retail, and you only pay for pieces you choose to keep. You have ten full days to try on the clothing before you send back anything you don’t wish to keep.

Each children’s clothing box can be curated for children from birth, all the way up through the age of twelve! A personal stylist for kids will put a box together with your child in mind. In a few days, a package will arrive at your door, like a treasure trove of style!

Subscribers have the option of choosing new or like-new clothes. This means that there is a choice for every budget!

After you send back any clothing you won’t be keeping, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to your child’s stylist. Every subsequent box will get better and better as the stylists get to know your child and your family.

3 Things to Love About Your Personalized Clothing Box Subscriptions


If the explanation alone didn’t convince you, there are more reasons why this concept will make your life easier. Here are the three reasons that have convinced favorite subscribers to order their first kid’s clothing box.

1. No More Cramped Fitting Room!

Think about your last back-to-school trip to the mall or department store. Remember everything that you needed to squeeze into one small fitting room?

Maybe you didn’t have the emotional fortitude to handle the fitting room that day at all. Now you have to find the time and energy to make another trip to return ill-fitting shoes and jeans.

Different clothing, different sizes! Someone needs lunch, someone needs the bathroom! This one’s crying, that one’s grumpy, and mom and dad are ready to call it quits!

A kid’s clothing subscription eliminates every obstacle involved in an in-person trip to the clothing store. Once the package arrives, you will have ten days to try on each outfit.

Need to take a lunch break, a bathroom break, or a nap? There’s no rush. Even children with special needs, who may not be able to handle the novelty of so many new textures, have the luxury of time.

Imagine the joy involved in a family fashion show, right in your living room! You can take up all of the space you need before you decide which outfits you’d like to keep. The element of surprise keeps kids excited and engaged in the process of dressing themselves.

2. It’s a blessing for Your Wallet!

Have you ever held up a tiny baby shirt and wondered how you could justify paying so much for something so small? If only kid-sized clothing came with kid-sized price tags. Believe it or not, clothing subscription boxes can help you save money without losing quality.

When you receive your kid’s clothing box, you can expect to see prices that are 40% to 60% below retail. If you’re on a budget, you can indicate your ideal price range when filling in your style profile. Choosing like-new children’s clothing can also help make your clothing subscription budget-friendly.


The best part is that you will be getting name-brand quality every time! You can expect to see brands like Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Justice, OshKosh B’gosh, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Every piece will be a quality garment from a brand that you already know and trust.

3. Picky Kids Get Their Say!

Every children’s clothing box begins with a style profile. Your pickiest child will be able to state all their preferences right on his or her profile.

When your personal stylist gets ready to style your box, they will consult the profile. They will refer to your preferences when making their choices to make sure they get it right.

Sometimes it does take a few tries to get it perfect. You will be able to give feedback after every single package arrives. Boxes will get better and better based on your child’s specific feedback.

And if your child still doesn’t love everything in their box? No sweat! You can send anything back for any reason, with no extra fees.

Sometimes limiting the options makes decision-making easier for picky kids. You might be surprised how providing just a few options makes life easier for indecisive fashionistas.

Even children with aversions to tags or fabrics due to special needs will have the opportunity to test out their new outfits before they decide. If they don’t work for you, there’s no judgment. Send it back, and your stylist will work together with you to get it right next time!

Your Child Deserves a Clothing Subscription Box


Clothing box subscriptions for kids are a blessing for your entire family. They bring inexpensive, high-quality clothing right to your door. Even if you only want a surprise every month, your family will love their clothing box subscription!

Are you ready to give it a try?