CM Punk Offered One Million To Wrestle Again


There are a lot of guys right now in the company that the fans just love and that are pretty popular within the WWE Universe. But, there are only couple of wrestlers today that are quite as over as some of the WWE greats. Even though this organization doesn’t want to recognize CM Punk as a great WWE wrestler, the fact of the matter is that his run from 2011 to 2014 was amazing.

He was the hottest thing in wrestling for a long time before Daniel Bryan rose to the top in 2013 and then in 2014 after that. Even though he is not with the company since 2014, CM Punk is still very much a fan favorite. Every now and then, the fans would chant his name for no reason at all. It is some kind of a symbol of something that was better and the time in which the product was much better than it is now.


He is still a big draw, and his eventual return is going to cause websites and platforms to break. That is just how big of a star this guy really is. There is a report that one UK company called “5 star promotion” wanted to offer him a 1 million dollar deal in order to tour with them. Here is the official message.

“We’ve been trying to contact CM Punk on and off for well over a year. We wanted him on the first show we did in Edinburgh in 2015. I’ve tried going through friends in the industry, I’ve gone through his website and sent dozens of emails but the opportunity has never been this big. We want to offer CM Punk $1 million dollars to come and join the 5 Star Wrestling tour starting June 10th. It’s a genuine offer. We’d love to hear back from the man himself. We want to do this with him.”