Did you know : Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Happier?


Recently we could hear a story about a study that proves that men who married chubby women are 10 times happier. We tried to find this study but failed and soon it was clear that it doesn’t exist. That didn’t stop us to try and dig out more on this topic and do our part of research regarding this claim.

From the talks with many people, we could conclude that there is obviously something that can make you feel nice when in the company of a plus size woman. Apparently, girls with few extra pounds seem to be more positive, and they simply shine that positivity, and that is one of the reasons why we see a huge number of men choosing chubby women as their partners.


While there is no conclusive evidence that slightly larger girls do make guys happier, we could find few studies on the similar topic. In this one, 40 men were included, guys went through high-stress situations, after which they were shown pictures, and most of the participants chosen chubbier women. Those were rated purely on their physical appearance, and it might be true that men would feel more comfortable in this kind of relationship and marriage.

That is not all as another study suggest that happier couples can gain weight easier. One of the possible explanations of this is the fact that partner feels more comfortable in this situation. It is clear that both of these studies say that such relationships in which you feel more comfortable with your partner influence the level of happiness.


Another thing that we need to point out is the historical view of the matter. Many countries, even today, still consider chubby women to be the most attractive. This also suggests higher fertility and overall better health. Things have changed a lot, and most are looking at this topic differently. What we also need to add is the saying that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder so choose wisely.