Cody Rhodes Wins ROH Title

We can make a big list of the people that could have been big stars in the WWE but failed to reach their full potential because the company didn’t really trust them. They didn’t want to push some people to the top. Of course, not everybody can be in the main event, but there are people that could have been so much more than they were in reality.

One of those wrestlers was Cody Rhodes. Yeah, he had a quite decent run at first as the IC title holder and being involved with Randy Orton, but the company should have done everything in their power to convince him not to leave. He didn’t want to be Stardust anymore. The fact of the matter is that he wanted to return to his Cody Rhodes gimmick and it seemed that the fans were ready for it. They wanted to see him perform again in his own role.

But, the company was against it, and they wanted him to be the Stardust. Well, that is the main reason that he left. He felt that he could be successful outside of the WWE while being Cody Rhodes and not Stardust. It turns out that he was right as he did become a big star on the indy scene.

Recently, he became the Ring Of Honor World Champion. A lot of his former co-workers, as well as wrestlers and people associated with wrestling, took to Twitter to congratulate him on holding one of the most prestigious titles in wrestling. His brother also used the Twitter to share just how proud of him he is and the fact that their late-great father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, would be proud of him.