Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson to Star Together in a New Movie


Having worked together on Pain and Gain, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne The Rock Johnson will soon reunite to work on a new project, as Wahlberg hinted. The actor was talking about Transformers: The Last Knight, the latest Transformers movie when he decided to reveal that there is a script for a new film that will star him and The Rock.

Steve Levinson has the script, who’s my producing partner, but we’ve been developing it with Dwayne in mind,” Wahlberg reveals exclusively to ET Canada. “So hopefully he will give it to Dwayne, and Dwayne will read it and commit to making it, and we’ll make it sometime next year,” Wahlberg said.

However, even though the actor confirmed that the script was in the works, it is still hard to predict when we can expect to see that new movie, considering how busy both of the actors are. Johnson is currently working on 12 projects, while Wahlberg admitted that he is so busy that he still hasn’t watched Transformers: The Last Knight.

“I haven’t seen it yet! Because I was working on ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ when we were doing all the ADR stuff and Michael [Bay], normally, that’s when he’d show me the film but because he’s so secretive, he wouldn’t send any of the footage to Boston,” the 46-year old superstar explained. He continued by adding: “I know what happens,” he jokes. “I read the script probably 2,000 times!”

The fifth installment of the action heavy Transformers film series premiered on June 18 in London, and only a couple of days later, on June 21, it also saw the light of day in the United States. It is directed by Michael Bay and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The movie spin-off titled Transformers Universe: Bumblebee is expected to come out in June 2018.