Women Having Their Own Royal Rumble?

Source: youtube.com

Women’s wrestling has never been better than it is now. In the past, the company was more interested in hiring models as divas. Their main goal was to look attractive in the ring, show some kind of wrestling skill, and just look pretty. The segments that they were involved in were just an embarrassment to the business itself. Now, WWE is hiring girls that are just as good in the ring as the men are. Some of them are even better.

They have made the history on more occasions than one in this and past year alone. First ever Money in the Bank match, first ever Hell in a Cell match, IronWoman Match and so forth and so on. In a couple of decades, we will be looking at this point in time and will talk about it being groundbreaking for the women’s wrestling.

Source: youtube.com

The one match that they still haven’t had is the Royal Rumble. It is one of the best battles of the year with 30 participants, but it is reserved for men only. Now, we might be seeing the women going at it in January. The one problem that they might have is not having enough personnel for that match to take place. But, don’t worry, Becky Lynch has a solution for that. She recently commented on the possibility of this event. Here is what she had to say.

“I think there’ll definitely be a time where the women get their own Royal Rumble. When you look at the fact that in July there is the Mae Young Classic taking place between 32 women, then, you have the women in NXT and the women on both brands. I think it’s a year or two away from having our own Royal Rumble, then maybe our tag titles, the sky is the limit.”