Randy Orton Talks About The Hall Of Fame

Source: inquisitr.com

There are many records in the WWE today. Eventually, all of them will be broken, but every single one of them is always going to tell a story. Randy Orton is currently holding a record of being the youngest world champion in the history of the company. The story that this record is always going to tell is just how big of a talent Randy Orton was even early on in his career.

There is no doubt that he is one of the best heels in recent memory. The way he carried himself, the facial expressions that he used to have always screamed pure heel. There is no doubt that he is one of the best to do it. Randy Orton is a thirteen-time world champion for a reason. Even in 2017, he is still as valuable and as big of a draw as he ever was.

Source: wwe.com

Once he decides to call it quits, he is going to find himself in the WWE hall of fame. But, that might not happen as soon as some might think because Randy Orton still has a lot left in the tank. He came into the company at a young age, which means that even if almost 15 years have passed since he made his debut, this guy is still in the best possible age for a wrestler to be in. He recently talked about being in the Hall of Fame.

“I’ve been around a minute but I started young, so yeah I have another five or ten years in me, easy. It’s something I have thought about if anything it’s just a little nerve racking thing – the speech for the Hall of Fame. I don’t consider myself the best talker in the world, and sometimes I get carried away and I think I can say whatever’s on my mind, and I know it’s a live show, The Hall of Fame – I just wonder how it’s all going to go down.”