Should Colin Kaepernick Start For San Francisco 49ers?

Three games are behind us, and Blaine Gabbert still hasn’t impressed anyone. They have shut down Rams in Week 1, but it was their defense that won that game for the 49ers.

After that, they have lost two games, gave up a lot of points and didn’t score many. Gabbert has proven to be just a game manager at best, not able to make a big play nor lift his team when they need it the most. Chip Kelly has stated that he will continue as 49ers’ signal caller. But should he be in there while Kaepernick sits on the bench?

Kaep’s protest is for sure a factor in him sitting on the pine while less talented player than him gets all the snaps. Even though he hasn’t looked good last year during his time on the field, he still is a much better QB than Gabbert is.

In Chip Kelly’s offense, he would thrive. It’s designed for a player like him. He has a big arm, can pass from the pocket while also able to run with the ball and make plays on his own.

He did want a trade, but when he demanded it, the team wasn’t looking as good as it is now. 49ers could be a pretty decent team with him at the quarterback position, and he is a better option than Blaine Gabbert.

San Francisco starting QB will have one more shot to impress everyone, and it will be against the Cowboys at home. If he doesn’t live up to the expectations, then it’s time to go with Kaepernick.

A guy that completes just 55 percent of his passes and has one of the lowest averages of yards per game in the NFL has no business playing ahead of Colin Kaepernick.