Women Behind The Wheel Trying To Park – Epic Effort, Epic Fail


We know that it doesn’t matter who is behind the wheel, both men and women are making mistakes equally but also we know that saying about how females are driving. This is a clear case of someone that doesn’t know how to drive and this time, we see women trying to park.

Even the video is sped up it takes too long. Most drivers both men and females will be able to easily park in that spot since there is more than enough space for a much larger vehicle to be slotted there but somehow she manages to miss it all the time. Great work, we are not sure how did you get your drivers license.

The location is unknown and unfortunately, at least for her, no one jumped in and helped. It will be interesting to see if there is a worse parking job or if this is THE worst one in longer than 100 years history of cars. For the women on the footage, we can say that it would be much smarter for her to sell that car and buy herself some nice shoes as the streets would be far safer for both her and other people.


When she stopped for the first time, pretty much at the moment where the video starts, she definitely should have left her car that way. Most people that would saw a car parked like that would laugh at it but still it would be a half decent parking job. Well, maybe not even the half decent, but still a job done. She tries and tries but fails miserably and at the end of the video she finally gives up and drives further.

As we said, there is more than enough space for her to fit in with that small car and we have to wonder if that amount of space is not sufficient, how much does she need? Another thing that we have to wonder about is that if she even managed to park in that spot how much time would she need to park our 😀

Almost 15 million people have watched this video, and we can see some hilarious reactions to it. Here is the video, enjoy this epic effort: