Color shifting McLaren 675LT Spider will rock your world!

Supercar owners usually paint their pets into something more, well let’s say traditional. For instance, Ferrari owners like their cars to be painted in traditional company colors like red, yellow, black, silver and white, while McLaren owners like to let their imagination run wild when color options are considered.

McLaren’s are popular supercars, as you must know, and recently we have seen them in a lot of editions and for that matter in a lot of colors, from colored carbon fiber bodywork to eye-popping paint schemes, but now we have found another one that deserves the same kind of attention. This particular McLaren 675LT Spider was just recently delivered by McLaren San Francisco, and it probably is the most unusual one but yet so remarkable and certainly one of the most interesting you have ever seen.

The official paint scheme name is “Seed Colorstream” which, as you can see from the pictures we provided, is an incredible and mesmerizing color-shifting finish that, depending on the angle you look at it, shifts from acid green to pink, purple, blue and aqua. People over at McLaren have gone through an extra effort when the interior is considered, and they raised the interior detailing level to the next step by painting even the air vents in the same paint. They decided to go even further and incorporate the overall look with purple and green stitching on the seats. Extraordinary!

This is something that just a few people can appreciate, and no, I am not talking about the design and capabilities of the car, because that is something everyone must love, but the overall look. This kind of uniqueness will appeal to just a small circle of people who like things fast and flashy!