Dez Bryant All Over The Field In Win Over Lions

Every quarterback, especially the one that is still a rookie, needs to have one stand-out wideout out there to whom he can throw the ball and let him make a play. Dez Bryant has proven on many occasions that he is that guy for the Dallas Cowboys. Last night, he showed us again why he is extremely valuable to the ‘Boys.

Dez Bryant was all over the field making plays and gaining those precious yards. Tough catches are what he is used to, and when he makes them, they don’t seem as difficult as they would have been for any other Dallas Cowboys‘ wideout.

His first touchdown catch in the match was pretty impressive as the flag was even thrown on that play, but it didn’t matter for Bryant. He caught the ball with one hand and then hauled it in for six points. The other TD catch was a perfect back-shoulder throw by the Dak Prescott that Bryant knew what to do with.

And yes, there was that play where the ball was handed off to the X-man who then threw a Touchdown pass to Jason Witten. What a trick play and an easy throw for Dez Bryant. It was a bit strange to see Bryant given the ball on the reverse as he is not a speedster, but it all made sense when he threw that ball to Witten.

He finished the game with 70 receiving yards and two touchdowns, drew one flag that put Cowboys’ right at the goal line and also threw one TD. Pretty good showing from a Dallas’ star wideout.