Consumer Watchdog Company pushes for compensation for unsatisfied Windows 10 users

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All users of Windows 10 who encountered malfunctions with their computer when upgrading to this latest software from Microsoft will be compensated if the company yields to calls on it to pay people for damages.

There has been a plethora of complaints ever since the company made its latest Windows available for the upgrade last year. Some of them complained of the computer upgrading without their permission which made their computers to hang.

‘Which’, which is the Watchdog of consumers has asked Microsoft to compensate their customers that have suffered from the issue ranging from lost files, failed WiFi connection and email accounts not being able to sync.

Some even said their webcams were affected by the upgrade and has stopped working with their printers and speakers not been able to work with the computers after the upgrade.

According to policy director at Which, Alex Neill, Microsoft owe it to their customers to compensate then since more people are having problems with the new upgrade which the company is yet to fix. He pointed out that it can be very frustrating to have your computer stop working since many people rely on it for their daily work activities and recreational activities.

The watchdog company discovered that out of the number of people that embraced the Windows 10 upgrade, 12% of them had to revert back to the version they were on due to plethora of issue that arises.

Microsoft has come under heat for pressurising people into upgrading to their latest Windows 10 with the company forcefully upgrading people against their will.

Teri Goldstein, a US customer was compensated with the sum of $10,000 for the upgrade that she made which resulted in her computer going blank for some days, and this makes one wonder why the company will neglect others who have had the same or similar issues after they migrated to Windows 10.

Media houses have been receiving complaints about the company neglecting them and the plight they are facing after their computers stopped working as a result of the upgrade.

Ron Bowen, an accountant, said the upgrade deprived him from working for almost one week. He had to call the company to help him reverse back to Windows 8 and after much work, an error message came up and all the company could tell him was that there was nothing else they could do since it looked like his system has been corrupted.

The watchdog company is pushing hard for Microsoft to compensate their customers who have suffered loss because of the upgrade to Windows 10, while urging the company to step up on its customer service.

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According to Microsoft spokesman, the company released Windows 10 so that the customer will have access to the best security on web and be more productive, adding that they have free customer help for customers who need help upgrading.