With Microsoft’s new datacenters, users’ data will be kept safe from US reach

image source: microsoft.com

Microsoft has embarked on moves to give access to its Azure cloud services from its datacenters in Germany such that it will make it difficult for people in other countries and US to have access customer’s data that are stored in the cloud.

There is a difference between the company’s European cloud services and its cloud Germany and this makes it possible for customers’ data to be safeguarded under T-Systems International, ‘data trustee’ a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom of the German company that is independent.

Even Microsoft cannot have access to their customers’ data sites and can only have access only when the customer has granted it permission. Being that the company is based in US, there are fears that the company will be looking into people’s data even when it is not stored in the US.

The company has said it will work towards reducing such concerns that have been arising towards it. They said the datacenters will afford the users a new way and great opportunities for customers that are in Germany and partners that are highly regulated, European Free Trade Association and European Union.

The company said the datacenters for their cloud services that are commercial in the data is in adherence to regulations of German data-handling so as to afford the users more options on how their data should be processed and where. The company said that with the launch of their datacenters located in Germany, there will be assured continuity in their business making use of a network that is private so that the data does not leave Germany.

Hamburg Port Authority CIO, Sebastian Saxe said that the data cloud service in Germany would assure that the company applies the restricted compliance while making use of applications that are innovative so as to improve on the quality of service.

image source: ibtimes.com

With the Germany location, it brings the number of Azure to 30 all over the world. After the introduction of Azure in Germany, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 will follow suit. The new cloud regions were created by Microsoft in the UK which offered Office 365 and Azure from its locations of datacenters in the UK region which is the first of its kind.