Has the cooperation between Djokovic and Becker reached its end? Here are the new candidates for a coach!


Lately, the entire tennis world has been preoccupied with the talks regarding the relationship between the World’s first racket Novak Djokovic and his coach Boris Becker. We came across a statement that Novak Djokovic gave during the Shanghai Masters saying “We are still working together. For now, the rest of the season is planned. We still haven’t discussed about the next one.”

As you recall these two begun their cooperation back in 2014, on Novak’s initiative, and now according to the contract, it is reaching its end. This became a very hot topic for speculations on who could take Becker’s place as Novak’s coach if the youngest Wimbledon winner and the current World’s first racket don’t come down to the new agreement. We managed to find out that there are currently five candidates that could fill the place after Becker and those are Alejo Mancisidor Garbiñe Muguruza’s former coach, Jimmy Connors, Amélie Mauresmo, Brad Gilbert and Stefan Edberg.

All of the candidates mentioned above have their advantages and disadvantages.

Alejo Mancisidor, who have proven himself in the WTA, will surely have a lot of difficulties and challenges in working with Novak.

Amélie Mauresmo, on the other hand, has proven herself worthy while she was working with Djokovic’s British rival Andy Murray. After parting ways with Andy, this former tennis player wasn’t working due to her pregnancy.

Brad Gilbert always had words of praise for Novak and he never hid the enthusiasm about the type of tennis that Djokovic plays. For those who do not know Gilbert has worked with Andre Agassi (Agassi referred to him as the greatest coach of all times) and helped Roddick reach his Grand Slam title.


As for the last one from the list, Stefan Edberg, well his name might ring a bell to those who had followed tennis back in the days when Novak’s current coach still played. Back in those days, Stefan Edberg carried some weight to it. Now, although this Swede had a cooperation with Roger Federer behind him he doesn’t have a lot of experience, and as Roger said himself his position back then was “more of a mentor than a coach”.

A lot of candidates, and a lot of big names, but we will have to wait for the current situation between Novak and Boris to unravel and after that, we will see. A lot more can happen, and the outcome is very unpredictable.