Cristiano Ronaldo Mocked by Internet Trolls after Lamborghini Photo

Cristiano Ronaldo is used to being criticized. Whether it’s because of his on-field performances, his hairstyle, his lifestyle, his good or bad fashion decisions or his attitude on social networks. His photos are often being laughed at or trolled by internet trolls that don’t support Real Madrid or just are not fans of his. Being one of those people that you either love or hate he is under frequent fire from his haters and at the same time worshiped by his fans.

After Real Madrid’s Saturday 6-1 win against Betis, Ronaldo took his celebrations to Instagram by posting a photo of himself posing next to his brand-new Lamborghini Aventador. Cristiano is a professional football player, one of the all-time and present greats so he is to say ‘fairly’ rich. Seeing a wealthy guy posing next to an expensive car is nothing out of the ordinary. The thing that attracted attention was his stance. After noticing this, the Internet didn’t stand still. It was like someone sounded the trumpets. The onslaught started quickly and was spreading like wild-fire. Photos started popping out one after another, all of them laughing at Ronaldo’s free-kick like stance that he took from the field and used for the image.

He is photo-shopped in numerous different roles. One of the photos is presenting him as a character from Toy Story, other like he is a gunman in a wild-west movie while the third is showing him holding two shopping bags.

Looking by yesterday’s CL game, it looks to us is like Ronaldo wasn’t aware that he is being trolled or he just didn’t care. Real Madrid had a great Champions League match against Legia Warsaw and recorded a win in memorable fashion with the final score being: Real Madrid 5 – Legia Warsaw 1. Ronaldo failed to get himself on the score-sheet but contributed to final score with two assists.

Despite all of the admiration that we have for Ronaldo, some of this photos are really funny. Take a look at them below: