Corey Graves Reveals Why Wrestlers Didn’t Like Baron Corbin In The Beginning

Baron Corbin is one of the rising stars on the Smackdown Live roster. With the reports of him challenging for the WWE championship later this year when the big shows take place, it seems that the future is bright for the Lone Wolf on the blue brand. He does a good job as a heel since he really looks like a superstar that is just keen on beating people up.

There is no doubt that this guy has improved over the years as he has spent a lof of time in the FCW and then the NXT. He has paid his dues in the developmental, but he really didn’t do that before he came to WWE as he was a football player. A lot of people had to spend a lot of years on the indy scene, proving themselves before coming to the biggest wrestling company in the world. That wasn’t the case with Baron Corbin, and there were some people that didn’t like this all that much. One of them was Corey Graves, along with some other wrestlers that were a part of FCW and NXT.

“When I arrived at FCW at the time, we were stocked with the independent stars at the time, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, Neville, Kassius Ohno, all these guys who paid their dues, made their living traveling around, ultimately with the goal of coming to the WWE. So when someone like Baron Corbin walked in the doors, we all kind of turned our noses up at him, ‘this guy played football – he’s not one of us,’ because we used the independents and the blood that you put in more to measure your passion.”

He also stated that as the time was passing, he realized that Corbin does really have the passion for the business as this guy was trying to pick Graves’ brain whenever he could, he always looked for tips to improve and to get better in the ring.