Could The Rock Make a Full-Time Return To WWE?

Even before moving to Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson had to fight for his place under the sun. In the world of sports entertainment, he went from smiling no-one to be the face of the business and the most electrifying man in WWE. He was unique in so many ways that it’s hard to imagine that there will be another one like him. Vince McMahon is working on this every day, but it could be futile. WWE chairman would prefer that The Rock didn’t go for greener pastures of Hollywood, but that’s just the way life is.

Even after years have passed since People’s Champ left the WWE, you can still hear his name in these circles. Prior to the Wrestlemania 34, he was rumored to be the tag team partner for Ronda Rousey in her duel with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. This would be the continuation of the events that occurred at WM 31 but it just wasn’t meant to be.

The matter of the fact is that Brahman Bull certainly wants to wrestle. He’s in great shape, so he could do it as easy as any other wrestler currently contracted to WWE. He’s simply not allowed to participate in wrestling matches as the studios Johnson is working with are paying him too much money. Dwayne earns every penny, but due to his commitment to making movies the sad reality is, he probably won’t wrestle in a full-length match ever again.

During the duel with John Cena at Wrestlemania 28, he suffered a pectoral injury which made him unable to film Hercules, and the entire production was delayed because of this. This injury costs both the studio and Johnson a ton of money, and this is the reason he wasn’t wrestled since.

Taking to PW Insider radio, Mike Johnson said The Rock could return to WWE whenever he wants, only if that’s what he wants at all. The company could always use a star of his renown. During the interview, Mike said: “And when you look at it, who’s out there that is a marquee star that you could build around? The easy answer is The Rock, but I don’t see The Rock taking any time off from anything he’s doing to work on a wrestling project full-time. The Rock could certainly do it if he wanted to do it but I don’t see him ever wanting to do it.”

Dwayne Johnson probably won’t be returning full time. He’s become a brand, so it’s not only about him. Many people depend on his decisions and health, and he won’t risk it. It’s just not worth it!