Could Tony Romo join the Green Bay Packers?


Since Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is probably going to be out for the season, it is a fact they need someone to replace him. Could Tony Romo be the guy for the job?

We all know that former Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo hasn’t officially retired even though he said that he’s “99.9%” done with the playing career. As soon as Rodgers got hurt, people started speculating that the Packers will ask Romo to join the squad and take the position of the first QB.


One of the Hall of Famers, former wide receiver Michael Irvin told G-Bag Nation that this is not going to happen. He said: “Wow, that’s a good one. I mean you know, Tony and I have had great conversations about how it is just able to say we only played Dallas Cowboys. When we text each other, we end the text with Cowboys for life. You know we only played for the Dallas Cowboys. I talked to him a couple weeks ago, I think he’s doing a great job on TV. You’re starting to see people in the business do some of the things that he does as he calls out plays.”

He added: “So you know that’s a hard call. I think it says something when you can say I only played for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo right now can say that as he is doing a great job in the booth. I don’t know that you give that up to come back to a place like Green Bay and try to win a championship.”


The fans need to accept that Romo is now broadcasting with CBS Sports and he is unlikely to return. Plus he is doing such a great job that the fans cannot wait to listen to him. Moreover, as Irvin pointed out, Romo has never played for another NFL team, and this man gave all he had to the Dallas Cowboys. The Houston Texans and the New York Jets offered him a position before the season kicked off, and he refused. So why would he accept the invitation now?

If Romo signed with the Packers, an organization which has caused so many problems to the Cowboys, it would be a slap in the face to the team he once and still loves. Even though he was unexpectedly benched in 2016 when Dak Prescott was given a chance, he is not going to sign any franchise which the Cowboys hate. In fact, he will not sign with any team at all.