Dwayne Johnson Thanks Surrey Mayor

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson is currently shooting the new action blockbuster called Skyscraper. He is grateful to be the main star of what is going to be a blockbuster movie, and he wanted to thank the City of Surrey this time.

Johnson talked to the camera just outside the Surrey City Hall, where he is filming a scene from the movie. While he was talking, he told the cameraman to zoom in behind him where we had a chance to see a hand-written sign on the building which said: “we (heart) D.J.” which was the reason why Johnson gave a shout-out to the city.

In the video, he said: “We are here on set of Skyscraper. It’s an amazing scene we’re shooting, we have 500 extras, we have Humvees we have helos, we have 10ks, 20ks, that’s technical stuff. You don’t want to worry about that”

THANK YOU, Mayor Linda Hepner and her entire staff for the warm “We ❤️ DJ” welcome to your city. And thank you, British Columbia/Canada for welcoming me like a son. On a personal growth note, years ago this province served as catalyst for a defining time in my life when I was cut from the CFL and my dreams of eventually making it to the NFL were over. I didn’t understand the value of it then, but I certainly do today – making the CFL/NFL was the best thing that never happened. Remember that when life kicks our asses and crushes our plans. Have faith because sometimes that goal might be the best thing that never happened. Now where the hell is my tough guy macchiato pumpkin spice latte? #SkyscraperMovie #Surrey #Vancouver 🇨🇦

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“There’s so much love on this set. But the most important love, the biggest love that I just have to share with you is kind of right over my right shoulder. Go ahead camera man, zoom in on the love. We love D.J. right there,” Johnson added.

Moreover, he gave special thanks to the city mayor, Linda Hepner: “I just want to say, that is from the mayor here. And Mayor Linda Hepner, I just want to say thank you so much for the love, thank you for creating that sign, you and your staff, thank you so much. And thank you for opening up your hearts and your wonderful city. Thank you.”

Source: bc.ctvnews.ca

We got used to messages such as these from Dwayne Johnson. As soon as he arrived in Vancouver, he posted the video on Instagram in which he praised this beautiful city and talked about him overcoming adversity. This is not all as we can often see him sharing encounters with fans who usually wait several hours to see the former WWE star.

In Skyscraper, Johnson will be joined by Neve Campbell and Pablo Schreiber, while the crew will be in Vancouver until November if everything goes as planned. Skyscraper will be released on July 13, 2018.