Major Update On Other Stars Possibly Leaving The WWE


After the last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw where we saw Kalisto enter the championship match and win the belt from Enzo Amore, the reports of Neville leaving the company started surfacing. He was supposed to be the one in that spot on Raw, and he was deemed to lose to Enzo Amore, which probably made him angry and caused him to leave the building. The plans had to be changed yet again, and WWE went with Kalisto becoming the Cruiserweight Champion.

Now, it seems that even though Neville is still a member of the official WWE roster, he is right now negotiating on what terms he is going to leave the company. There are on-going talks that are currently scheduled between him and his representatives and the WWE management. The hope is that WWE convinces him to stay, but that might not happen.


As far as the other stars are concerned, there have been reports about Nia Jax and her dissatisfaction with the company. She is still with the WWE, and she didn’t ask for her release, but she has been given some time off for personal reasons. Nia was probably going to be the original opponent for Sasha at the Tables Ladders and Chairs event, but due to her leaving the arena and taking some time off, the plans had to be changed.

The reports that other WWE stars have asked Cody Rhodes for some advice on how to succeed after leaving the biggest wrestle organization are true, and we see each and every day that there are some names that have been angry about their positioning on either Smackdown Live or Monday Night Raw. First, it was Neville. Then, it is Nia Jax. Which name is going to come to the surface next? We will probably find out more about that in the coming days.