Jinder Mahal Issues A Big Survivor Series Challenge

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Over the past couple of days, the rumors of a big match being planned in the main event of the Survivor Series started to swirl around. On this week’s edition of Smackdown Live, we have seen those rumors come true. The WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has walked down the ramp and addressed his championship in the ring. Then, since he has no challengers for the WWE Championship as of right now, he stated that he is challenging the Universal Champion from Monday Night Raw to a match at the final dual-branded PPV of the year.

That is, of course, The Beast Incarnate himself, Brock Lesnar. Mahal wants to square off against Brock in order to see which champion is better, the one on Monday Night Raw or the one from Smackdown Live. It is as clear as day that Lesnar is the more legit champion, but in this story, Mahal is going to defend the honor of the blue brand while former UFC Champion is going to do the same thing for the red brand.

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He and Paul Heyman are going to be in the next week’s edition of Raw in order to give their response to the challenge that Jinder issued last night. Since the storyline is already in motion, it is likely that Brock and Paul are going to accept this call and that we are going to see two champions in the main event of Survivor Series.

In reality, this is not a great idea as Brock Lesnar should probably wipe the floor with Jinder. There is no way that the WWE Champion is going to beat the Universal Champion, which is automatically going to make the main championship in the company look even worse than it already does. This is a bad idea, but the company doesn’t care much about that. They just want to put Brock on the show to sell some tickets and subscriptions.

Challenge has been issued…. #BEASTvsMAHARAJA #survivorseries #wwe

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