Counting Cars Cancelled?

According to rumors from few sources, it seems that Counting Cars will be cancelled. In recent years we saw an increase in popularity of reality TV Shows and History Channel provided few really great ones so it would be a shame if Counting Cars don’t get the renewal.

We immediately need to say that this is only a rumor, but it is strange not to see any details about the future season. Currently, the show is in its fifth season and popularity should force History Channel to prepare the sequel, but no details are coming.

In case you do not know, this show is all about cars and the life of Danny “The Count” Koker that loves classic and muscle cars. He and his crew are working on the restoration of various iconic models, but they are not only into cars as we could see motorcycles getting few touches of ingenuity.

It is crazy to see The Count’s almost obsession-like chase for all those special vehicles. When he spots the car that he wants we can see him ready to give offer immediately. This can quite surprise owners, so it is very interesting to see their reactions and the struggle of the main character in an effort to get the desired vehicle.

This is quite expensive business, and the team is trying to do the best possible job as quickly as they can. We can see them customize and restore iconic vehicles like Corvettes, Thunderbirds, F100, Mustang, Dodge Coronet and many many more.

Without a doubt, the Counting Cars TV Show is one of the most entertaining reality series on this topic, and it would be a real shame for it to get cancelled. Hopefully, not everything is lost, and we will soon hear the announcement from History Channel about the continuation of the story.