Are The Cowboys The Biggest Threat To New England?

As soon as the New England Patriots made their offseason moves, the talk has started about them going 16-0 during the regular season. Bill Belichick has been phenomenal in the offseason with the moves that he has made. It clearly shows that this guy wants to stay at the top of the food chain in the NFL. But, which teams can challenge the defending champs and are the Dallas Cowboys the squad that is going to be the biggest threat to Brady and company?

Well, it is hard to say right now. Gut feeling tells us that the Dallas Cowboys are still a good team, but that they overachieved a bit last year. Their defense got younger, but they are inexperienced, and they would have to go up against a lot of great offenses in the NFC in order to get to the New England Patriots. Green Bay Packers offense will be a major threat to Dallas, just as well as the offense that Giants now have and the Falcons still have.

It is expected for Carolina to have a bounce back year, the same can be said for the Cardinals, Bucs are on the rise while Seattle is still a legit contender. There are a lot of teams that can easily knock off the Cowboys in the NFC so that is why we can’t pick them as the biggest threat to the New England Patriots.

The answer is the Steelers as they have improved their offense in the draft while they are also getting Bryant back after his suspension. Raiders can make some noise with Lynch now, so they are the right there in the mix with the Steelers.