Cowboys Should Draft “the new Gronk” With No 19 Pick!


Dallas Cowboys will look to improve their passing game in the offseason, and they could do that by adding a tight end. Cowboys had an awful season passing-wise, and they will look to work on this by making offense more Dak-friendly. Prescott had issues with his accuracy, the receivers were inconsistent, while injuries hampered their O-line. Those were the problems in 2017.

There are various ways to make the passing game better in 2018, and some people believe that Cowboys need more weapons up front. One player who is a big man and that can pose a vertical threat is a tight end Dallas Goedert. Judging by his name he’s an ideal fit.

If Cowboys like his name they are going to love his nickname. Goedert is dubbed as “the next Gronk.” This tight end is more of a pass catcher than a blocker and with 6’4’ and 255lbs he is considered a matchup nightmare for opponents. Playing for a small college of South Dakota State many teams passed on noticing him, but he’s nonetheless on the radar of many.


The name was given to him by his father who is a passionate fan of, yeah you guessed it, Dallas Cowboys. During his junior year, he caught 92 passes for 1,293 yards and 11 touchdowns. Thanks to this many analysts are already saying that Dallas is the best TE in the draft. After this season people wanted to see how will he perform in his senior season. He did well! 72 balls caught for 1,111 yards and seven TDs. And, he did all of this while facing double and triple coverage.

Dallas would be a perfect fit in Dallas (just like that) mostly because Jason Witten is way past his best years, and the rest of TE cast is not of high quality. But with both Goedert and Witten in the team, they could play 2-TE formation, which would benefit from Dallas’ catching ability and Witten’s blocking.


Back in the days Tony Romo and Witten had extraordinary cooperation on the field. The Cowboys should bring in a catcher Dak Prescott could rely on. As a player who loves to throw shorter passes, his game would benefit from a big target who is a mismatch for defenders.

So, if the talk of “the next Gronk” is anywhere close to the truth, Dallas Goedert would command a first round pick. If Cowboys are ready to take a risk with a kid from South Dakota, they should spend their No 19 pick on him. But, if they are even remotely unsure of him being “the new Gronk” America’s Team need to use their pick somewhere else.