Here Is What Cowboys Need To Do To Beat Chicago Bears

Even though Bears’ QB Jay Cutler is out and unable to play, that might be a good thing for this Chicago team. Bryan Hoyer will start, and he is just the opposite of what Cutler is.

While he is a risk-taker and he often makes a lot of mistakes. On the other hand, Hoyer is the completely different type of quarterback, he doesn’t throw the ball deep and doesn’t take too many chances. That can mean that the Bears will try to run the ball more than they usually do. This team is great on first down as they average 4,5 yards per carry. On second and third down is where they are struggling.


John Fox will be careful with Hoyer. Running game will be featured in their game plan more often, and that’s what the Cowboys need to stop.

If they are able to stop the Bears from running the ball with success, it will force them to throw the ball more, especially if they are trailing. That will force Hoyer to take some chances and throw the ball deep. It also raises his chances for mistakes.

If the Cowboys stop the running game, it should be an easy win for them. Bears won’t be able to hide their awful offense; it will allow Dallas to control the clock and torch that Bears defense.